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MEET Kick-off Meeting in Italy

The 1st MEET partner meeting has taken place in Monte Marenzo, Italy, from the 24th until the 28th October 2016, at the premises of Specchio Magico. The MEET projects aims to develop an experimental framework for European Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC) system, involving school directors, teachers, educational agencies, professionals, families and children. This framework will focus on developing an innovative methodology, which aims to empower high quality and accessible ECEC services. It also fosters the assessment of transversal skills, for students with ages 0-5.

Partners discussed about strengthening the first experiences of pre-school children and ways of building a model of sustainable and transferable intervention, employing metacognitive approaches in early age learning processes. The consortium has also visited the Childhood Neuropsychiatry Department in Lecco Hospital, where partners had many fruitful discussions about ways of learning during the pre-school age and how all the needs of students with special educational needs can be met. Partners also discussed about the disseminations activities of the project and set deadlines for a number of tasks. The subsequent meeting will take place in Granada (Spain) during October 2017.