ACE Curriculum for Adult educators

Training is a significant part of one’s professional development. In the frames of training adult educators and providing them with the skills to deliver seminars for new lifestyle entrepreneurs, the ACE consortium has organized a 5-day training activity in Nicosia, Cyprus. 24 participants attended the meeting from the partner countries. The training activity was hosted by CARDET and consisted of workshops and presentations of the 5 training Modules.

Partners have presented the content of the final modules and conducted the practical exercises for each one. For each Module, feedback was given, for further improvement. By the end of the training week, all participants are equipped with the skills for delivering training to adult educators on how to support and train people that would like to start their lifestyle entrepreneurship career.

The materials have been finalized and are ready for translations in all partner countries. We will start offering training to anyone interested in the topic. If you are interested to be trained, or even access the material, in Green of in English, you can contact the CARDET team.

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