Girls Into Global STEM (GIGS)

The issue of gender bias in STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) subjects and careers is a transnational problem recognised by business leaders, higher education and by the European Commission. The issue originates in schools when many girls make critical subject choices that will effectively lock them out from STEM in higher education and employment. This is coupled with the pervasive cultural stereotype of the male scientist or engineer and entrenched parochial attitudes. The gender in-balance in STEM subjects and in employment statistics are transnational concerns which extend to most EU countries, yet these themes do not feature prominently in teacher training while initiatives and resources launched by subject associations, education providers and others often tend to feature a ‘top-down’ approach.

The “Girls Into Global STEM” (GIGS) project aims to increase the employment potential of all young Europeans, but especially girls, by improving their interest and engagement in STEM subjects through linking these to a wider awareness of global issues. The project will facilitate much of this work through the development of digital skills and especially through the collaborative authoring of eBooks. The activities of the project will aim to directly benefit participating teachers already in the profession and those currently in training together with a wider network of early adopters sourced though the partnership’s extensive and influential STEM and ICT networks.

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