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Design-Practice: Preparing Teachers to Teach with ICT

This project aims to transfer innovation from the world’s leading institution on e-learning (Open University of the UK), into the local context of teacher professional development. The purpose of the project is to advance teachers’ and trainers lifelong learning skills and to better prepare them in integrating ICT in teaching by visualizing, sharing and debating learning designs. Specifically, the project aims at: 1) preparing teachers to teach with ICT, and 2) advancing teachers’ lifelong learning skills by building a community of teachers for sharing, discussing, debating, and improving instructional activities and learning designs. The project (2009-1-CY1- LEO05-00465) is supported by LEONARDO DA VINCI TRANSFER OF INNOVATION PROJECT, under the Lifelong Learning Programme.

Some of the key project outcomes include:

  • Transfer of innovation from the world leading institution (The Open UK) on lifelong learning and learning design
  • Integrate from the global perspectives provided by the International Council for Educational Media
  • Develop a lifelong learning framework for teacher ongoing professional development
  • Offer face-to-face and online teacher trainings
  • Develop a portal for teacher training and an online community of teachers

Project Partners:

  • Open University UK
  • University of Piraeus
  • Pedagogical Institute of Cyprus
  • International Council for Educational Media (ICEM)
  • Innovade LI Ltd