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Voluntary Return Network - VRENET: Collaborating on issues of voluntary returns

VRENET MThe University of Nicosia in collaboration with the research centre CARDET,  with the co-financing of European Returns Fund and the Republic of Cyprus, have undertaken the extension of the Action with the title “Multilateral Network of Different Countries on issues of Migrants Assisted Voluntary Returns” within the Action (No. 2), (Priority 3 - Action 3.3.1  Annual Programme 2013).

The Action aims to promote exchange of information and practices among European, Mediterranean and Third countries regarding migrants returning to their country of origin. The main purpose is to build a broader cooperation in developing effective, stable and continuous operational working relationships between governmental authorities and organisations enter the network to improve the quality of programs that apply on immigrants’ returns. The network is versatile, as it includes stakeholders from the entire range of services and disciplines related to the return and reintegration of TCNs in their countries of origin, as well as professionals from various hierarchical levels.

The specific objectives of the VRENET network are the following:

  • Establishment of a multifaceted collaboration network among agencies and organizations from various countries on voluntary returns issues.
  • Development of activities from related agencies and organizations
  • Collection and exchange of knowledge and good practices regarding the stages of assisted voluntary returns (Pre-Departure, Departure and post Arrival) among members of the network.
  • Empowering members to address common problems and promote relevant recommendations and solutions.
  • Development of "contact points" between agencies, organizations and individuals who would otherwise be impossible to meet and/ or collaborate.
  • Maximizing information and dissemination of the work of network’s members both within the network and to other organizations outside the network who may be interested.


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