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SUPPE: Supported Employment Empowerment And Career Development For People With Disabilities

Suppe MEuropean employment policies promote projects and actions which encourage and empower people with disabilities to enter or remain in the open labor market. However, despite of the growth of Supported Employment over the past years, in many countries it is not delivering its full potential. People with disabilities have still higher non-employment rates and lower income as a result of lower labor market participation. Also, sheltered employment and “special and separate employment” is still considered as the first choice.

The aim of this project is to raise awareness of the concept of Supported Employment and to promote the values and principles of Supported Employment that are consistent with the concepts of empowerment, social inclusion, dignity and respect for individuals.

Project Partners:

  • E-C-C Verein
  • Verein “Kultur und Arbeit” e. V.
  • INSUP Formation



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[Project Number: 2013-1-SI1-LEO04-05497 7]