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LeFAMSol: Learning for Female African Migrants’ Solidarity

LeFAMSol is a curriculum development project for hard to reach target groups of adults, oriented towards cultural mediation and peer training. At its pilot phase, the project focuses on Female African Migrant Groups, aiming initially to create a pool of human resources that can operate gender/ethnically delineated “Self-Help Desks.” Therefore, knowledge building and sharing is geared towards self-sustainability, capitalizing upon ethnic networking to achieve a multiplier effect.


In focusing on this target group, the project elicits transnational challenges of the specific migrant group transiting from Turkey via Greece to Italy and, thereon, to other Schengen zone states. Thus the interrelation between national and international migration regimes is explored, exploring transversal themes, such as trafficking, and contextually bounded, such as racist violence. The objective is to address such challenges through LLL methodologies that are cost-effective and, thereby responsive to the socioeconomic context.

The project partners are:

  • University of Peloponnese
  • Institute for Professional Qualification and Requalification (ECAP)
  • Aids Coalition to Unleash Power ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS (ACT UP ΔΡΑΣΕ HELLAS)
  • Kos University
  • University of Florence
  • Centre for the Advancement of Research & Development in Educational Technology (CARDET)
  • Institute for International Relations (IDIS)



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[Project Number: 39979-LLP-1-2013-1-GR-GRUNDTVIG-GMP]