Development and production of a guide with general information about Cyprus

Innovade guide MThe project “Development and production of a guide with general information about Cyprus in 6 languages”, (Action Α2, European Fund for the Integration of third-country nationals, Annual Program 2011) was awarded to the consulting firm INNOVADE in collaboration with the international research center CARDET. The project was awarded to the consortium following an open call of Solidarity Funds of the Ministry of Interior under the European Integration Fund for the Third Country Nationals (TCNs).

 The main objective of the project is to develop a guide with general information about Cyprus in English, Russian, Vietnamese, Tagalog, Tamil and Sinhala. The purpose of the Guide is to prepare and facilitate the integration of TCNs in Cypriot society and culture. The Guide will contain accurate information and will be practical and convenient for TCNs.

The Cyprus Information Guide will include the following:

  1. General Information about Cyprus (history, geography, economy, culture, weather, etc.).
  2. Professional guide with key public and private organizations (e.g. Ministries / Departments / Services related to TCNs (e.g. medical services, social services, immigration services), banks, remittance companies, private hospitals, etc.). The Guide will contain contact information such as names, addresses, phones, fax, website, etc.
  3. Basic rights and responsibilities of migrants TCNs.
  4. Information regarding entry and residence procedures in Cyprus.
  5. Information on employment and industrial relations.
  6. Information on medical services and social security system.
  7. Information on banking issues (e.g. opening and managing a bank account, send money abroad, etc.).
  8. Information for opening utility accounts such as electrical power, water, telephone etc.

The Guide will be printed in 3000 copies in total and will be distributed to various Public and Non-Governmental Organizations. The project was launched in January 2013.

The project is co-funded by the European Fund for the Integration of Third Country Nationals (75%) and the Republic of Cyprus (25%).