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Developing Authentic Learning through the Partnership of Schools and Enterprises

Authentic Learning MThe project aims in advancing education by developing and applying a model of authentic learning based on real-world problem solving through collaborations between schools and enterprises. More specifically, the model will be used to design and develop a Teacher Training Program to train school staff in creating, implementing, and evaluating learning activities using authentic learning approaches to engage and motivate learners.

Authentic learning involves complex activities designed based on real life contexts so that students can make connections of their education with the real world. The primary target audience includes secondary education school staff, such as teachers and career advisors/counselors. A secondary audience is students participating in learning activities designed and implemented by school staff who will receive the Teacher Education Program.

The collaboration between curriculum experts, schools, and enterprises will lead to the design of a powerful Teacher Training Program that will provide school staff with the necessary knowledge and skills to effectively collaborate with enterprises to develop authentic activities that are relevant and meaningful to real life, thus increasing student engagement.
Partner organizations will work with schools and enterprises to develop sample activities for teachers to implement with their own students. Providing such opportunities for increased engagement will consequently lead to an increase in student motivation, as well as the advancement of students’ key skills. The project complements national initiatives for educational and curriculum reform by promoting the value of work-related learning and enterprise-education links.

The outputs of the project include: (a) an authentic learning model, (b) a Teacher Training Program with curriculum, instructional materials, (c) an online learning environment to create a teacher community for collaboration, among others.

The general objectives of this project are:

  • Better preparation of staff in developing meaningful learning activities based on real-world authentic learning so that students can associate what they learn with real world contexts.
  • Strengthened links between education and the real world/workplace.
  • Improved teaching of staff on how to collaborate with enterprises in order to engage and motivate students, especially disadvantaged groups (e.g. special needs, low socioeconomic status).
  • Enhanced learner engagement, motivation and acquisition of key skills (literacy, social skills, learning how to learn, etc.), especially for disadvantaged groups.

The project partners are:

  • Innovade LI
  • Cyprus Chamber Of Commerce And Industry (CCCI)
  • GC School Of Careers


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