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Schools for the Future Youth

Youth participation and civic engagement is listed in the priorities of many countries and agencies. The project “School for the Future Youth” will build on pre-existing methods for Youth Participation through Global Citizenship (YPGC) used by several of the project partners. These include voluntary participation through informal spaces in school (Youth Ambassador approaches), and more formal curriculum based on methodology (Future Workshop approaches).

This will be used to develop six project 'outputs':

  1. An education needs analysis;
  2. An online toolkit for teachers;
  3. An online toolkit for young people;
  4. A European online hub for teachers and young people to share practice;
  5. An academic report highlighting the educational outcomes of YPGC;
  6. Policy recommendations for education authorities based on the impact of YPGC in schools

These outputs will be developed by working closely with one hub school in each country at first, and then implemented with local groups of schools in each partner country. Once finalised, the outputs will then be disseminated across schools in Europe to increase the scale of project impact beyond the project schools and countries.

The project aims to have a direct impact on teachers and youth, resulting in greater use of YPGC by schools and greater support for YPGC across school systems within the EU.




This project has been funded with support from the European Commission.
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[Project Number: 2014-1-UK01-KA200-001841]