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Future Youth Schools Forums project

Future Youth Schools Forums (FYS-Forums) is a cross-field strategic partnership, which aims to create a model for school led global citizenship youth forums. Is a 3 year project funded by the European Commission under their Erasmus+ Programme.

FYS-Forums uses a transferable methodology, and brings together a broad range of partners spanning academic, educational, global, and youth work disciplines. It takes existing approaches to globally focused youth forums, which are generally informal in nature, integrate the model better into formal education, adapt it to become more sustainable and inclusive, and also apply high quality informal youth work principles. This will make it both innovative (entirely new in Europe) and complimentary to existing work.

Future Youth Schools Forums aims to:

  • Create an inclusive, sustainable, networked model of global citizenship youth forums which are delivered by schools, for schools across the EU
  • Provide teachers and young people with the tools to promote effective and inclusive youth leadership through the global citizenship forums, both within the framework of a school’s curriculum as well as outside of formal school activities
  • Influence local, national and European wide stakeholders to promote inclusive and participatory youth led policies and opportunities within EU education systems.

The project will develop a number of outputs including:

  1. A needs analysis understanding the current application of global citizenship youth forums and youth participation in the UK, Italy, Poland, Cyprus and Lithuania
  2. A toolkit for schools to help them plan and participate in a global citizenship youth forum
  3. A toolkit for schools to help them develop curriculum activity to embed the theme of the youth forum into core curriculum areas
  4. A youth skills training module to help develop young people’s skills which will be needed for them to plan and participate in a global citizenship youth forum
  5. An online European global citizenship youth portal
  6. An academic report on the impact of youth leadership through global citizenship using youth forums as the means to develop key skills

The project is being led by OxfamGB with local partners in Italy (Oxfam Italy), Poland (University of Lodz), Cyprus (Centre for Advancement of Research and Development in Educational Technology) and Lithuania (Jaunimo Karjeros Centras).

For more information you can visit the project website http://fys-forums.eu/.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.