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"Us" and "Them" - Dialog, tolerance, collaboration for good coexistence in a multicultural world!

The project “Us” & “Them” based its philosophy and structure in the multicultural situation that exists in many countries across the world today. More specifically, the world that we live in consists of many ethnicities, cultures and religions. What is more, concerning the European context, each European country hosts national and immigrant ethnic and cultural minorities. According to Eurostat (2014) there were 33.5 million people born outside of the EU-28 living in an EU Member State on 1 January 2014, while there were 17.9 million persons who had been born in a different EU Member State from the one where they were resident.

The "Us" and "Them" project is addressed to educators working in the field of adult education in multicultural communities and aims to strengthen the development of a new set of skills and competences. In this regards, the project aims to develop:

  • soft skills in socio-cultural conflict management;
  • intercultural skills to adapt the learning environment to various cultures and backgrounds and to create positive attitudes toward language, cultural and ethnic diversity.

These skills will enable adult educators to better manage their groups of adult learners in order to support the process of integration in nowadays multicultural societies.

  • The project aims to provide:
  • Curriculum for adult educators “Managing multicultural and multi-ethnic groups of adult learners for tolerance and good coexistence”;
  • Online training platform that will contain the online training course, useful material and resources for multicultural classroom management;
  • Handbook I for adult educators “The adult Educator’s Handbook: a new approach of multiculturalism and religion for peaceful and rightful coexistence”;
  • Handbook II for learners living in multicultural societies “One day in the shoe of the Other”.

The project will be implemented with the contribution of partners from Romania-GIE (Coordinator), Cyprus-CARDET, Spain-FUEM, Ireland-LMETB, Italy-Staff Consult, Portugal-ANJAF, Turkey-CIMEM and United Kingdom-Coleg Cambria. This “multicultural” consortium can bring together a plurality of practices, experiences and inputs which were gathered by working in various environments and cultures.


This project has been funded with support from the European Commission. This publication [communication] reflects the views only of the author, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.
[Project Number: 2015-1-RO01-KA204-015131]