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The Blended Learning Project

BLearning aims to provide resources and training for school teams how to transform traditional schooling by combining on-line and off-line teaching - learning experiences. Teachers are the main motivators and initiators of the ICT implementation and agents of change from the classical method into the modern one which is also known as blended learning (BL).

The project objective is in line with ‘Europe 2020’ Strategy promoting synergies of experience and know-how among four EU countries and different types of institutions involved in education and training. The BE-Learning project will be implemented by 6 project partners from Latvia, Cyprus, Austria, and UK.

The BLearning Toolkit

Based on the needs around blended learning, the project will produce an online Toolkit to assist schools in applying blended learning practices. The Toolkit will be a user-friendly, practical instrument to support professional development of trainers and school leadership teams. It will consist of the following components:

  1. Professional Development Program (PDP)
  2. Guidelines for PDD trainers
  3. Course materials for PDP
  4. Self-evaluation tool for school teams
  5. Guidelines for school teams


In line with contemporary approaches to learning with technologies, the BLearning project brings positive impact in different aspects at a local, regional, national, and international level:

  • Increased national and European understanding of blended learning
  • Purposeful integration of ICT in schooling
  • Linked innovative practices and systemic, research-based strategies for ICT integration
  • Modern and dynamic advancement of school practices
  • Meeting of students’ expectations, skills and abilities, in compliance with labor market needs
  • Clear vision in school leadership teams for diversifying teaching and learning processes